5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Creativity - Issue #66

Try these techniques to ignite your innovative thinking

Individuals and companies have so many burning questions around innovation, creativity, and brainstorming:

  • How can I become more creative?

  • How can our organization become more innovative?

  • Why do our brainstorming efforts eventually fail?

  • What are the secrets?

I’ve encountered a thousand different forms of this question in my lifetime. I remember one of the earliest when I was in high school.

The principal and a few teachers formed a research committee that included a couple of teachers and a small handful of students. We wanted to create a program to spark, encourage, and guide the creativity of the students in the school.

We were seeking the holy grail of trying to find a program and process that was already successful, hoping that we could emulate it. We discovered that no one was entirely successful, although there were some interesting aspects of the different programs.

I think we missed the more significant opportunity and weren’t tasked with solving the root problem: Traditional …

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