Are You Resisting Life's Natural Cycles?

Even your career has a "season" - Issue #21

My children are growing up. My daughter has a fiancé and is starting graduate school. My oldest son is currently studying abroad in Ghana, and will soon be wrapping up his college experience. My youngest son has turned 16 and will be driving (gulp!).

We know that the “empty nest” is coming. We’ve discussed it. We’re making plans for what comes next in our lives. It is meant to happen. It’s natural. However, that doesn’t mean that it is easy.

Part of me tried to avoid thinking about this time. I love my children so much and being a father is a huge part of my identity. Part of me resisted accepting the impending exodus, hoping that they could all just stay home and our lives wouldn’t change. But, change is inevitable, and it has to be this way. They’re growing up and leaving is a natural part of life’s cycle. It must happen in order for their lives to be what they are meant to become.

With age comes perspective. I can look back on my life and begin to see patterns emerging from the chaos…

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