Challenge - Be a Guest on a Podcast

🚀 I think you'll enjoy this one! - Issue #194

Ok, I may be a little biased because I’m a co-host on a podcast and enjoy recording an episode every week. But, I think that being a guest on a podcast is another great way to get your voice out in the world and get you noticed.

I also find that podcasting is less stressful than speaking or presenting using video chat. I get distracted by seeing myself on the screen, and I certainly don’t enjoy watching myself talk. 😫

Another excellent benefit of speaking on a podcast is that you can have your notes handy to remind you of your talking points. That’s hard to do when you’re on video.

However, I don’t recommend that you write out your entire script, sentence by sentence. It is too tempting to read it directly and sound unnatural.

Everyone will notice that you’re reading something. Trust me. We had a script for our very first episode, and it sounded so forced and strange. It wasn’t good.

I’ve switched to writing a few bullet points in a simple outline. Those simple notes guide me througho…

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