Challenge - Connect with Your Communities

🚀 Become part of something larger than yourself - Issue #182

Happiness is good, but well-overrated: what we hate most are the very motivators that put us in gear. A man drifts along with little to contribute until something agitates him enough to make a difference, whether for himself or for his communities.” ― Criss Jami

In the previous challenge, I talked about connecting with your Key Partners inside and outside of your company. That exercise was about finding essential individuals who could help you with your career development.

However, this week is about pulling back to view things from a higher level. Rather than identifying select people with whom you should connect, this exercise involves “communities.”

Human beings are complex. So, when I say “community,” a question probably popped into your head immediately:

Which community?

A community is a collection of individuals connected in some sense. Whatever it is that links these people together is at the core of what defines that community.

You may already be a member of one or more communi…

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