Challenge - Face Your Biggest Fears

🚀 Put them to rest with a plan of action - Issue #218

🎃 Halloween is coming up! So, I guess I have this topic on my mind. 🦇

We all have worries and fears. Worries about our future. Fear that something will go wrong.

However, keeping your fears bottled up inside doesn’t make them go away. You can try to suppress them, but they leak out into your emotions and behaviors.

Of course, for the most serious issues that are negatively impacting your life, it helps to talk with a professional therapist. What I’m going to recommend in this challenge is not a replacement for that.

I’m talking about those nagging fears that lurk in the corners of your mind when you think about your job, workplace, boss, money, etc. The fears that keep you from being happy with your work, feeling safe, and finding fulfillment.

I’ve found that my mind can only rest when I write down my worries and fears. Putting them on paper makes me face the issues. More importantly, it shifts me into a problem-solving mindset.

  • How can I reduce this worry?

  • How can I eliminate this fe…

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