Challenge - Find an Internal Speaking Opportunity

🚀 Are you ready to go solo? - Issue #192

In the previous challenge, I suggested that panel discussions are an easy way to get started with public speaking in front of an audience. Hopefully, you located some intriguing panels and contacted a moderator.

However, there is still a difference between speaking on a panel and speaking solo in front of an audience. If you don’t already frequently engage in public speaking, then now is the time to start exploring the next step of being on your own.

I know that it can be very stressful to “stand up” in front of other people, whether that’s in person or virtually over video conferencing. I avoided it for many years during the early phases of my career.

That was a bad move. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Unlike you — since you are reading this — I was not actively investing in my career or professional development. I kept my head down and worked hard. I certainly didn’t look for opportunities to speak in front of my department, or even in small team meetings.

You may have read some o…

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