Challenge Reminder

"Identify Your Ideal Employer"

This is your reminder for the current challenge:

Identify Your Ideal Employer
- What do you want for your next career move? - Issue #178

Your challenge is to identify and define your ideal employer by the end of this week. Create personas for your ideal company and boss by answering the questions that I put in the newsletter. The details are in the original post on the Invincible Career newsletter website.

  • What do you consider to be an ideal company for your next employer? How would you describe this company in detail?

  • Who do you consider to be an ideal boss? How would you describe this person in detail?

  • Are you struggling to clearly define an ideal company and manager? If so, start with capturing everything that you do not want for your next employer. Then use that to describe an ideal employer by flipping those attributes around.

Feel free to ask me questions or share your thoughts in the comments online.

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