Challenge - Review Your Own Performance

🚀 How do YOU think you've done this year? - Issue #208

By this point, you should have received feedback from your coworkers and your boss. Look for overall themes in what they are saying about your performance.

  • Were there any surprises?

  • Do you agree with what they said about your strengths, wins, and accomplishments?

  • Did they miss anything?

  • Do you agree with any issues that they may have raised?

  • Did they highlight any areas for improvement that you don’t think are valid?

It can be hard to accept feedback from others, especially if it contains criticism. We often take that personally, even when they are trying to be constructive. I know that I’ve struggled with that.

Surprisingly, it can be just as uncomfortable to accept positive feedback. It feels funny to receive praise. Some of us try to discount it and say things like this:

  • “No, my work really wasn’t that good.”

  • “I just got lucky.”

  • “I was on a great team, so that’s why it turned out well.”

What has helped me get better at receiving both positive and negative feedback is first to accept it as i…

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