Challenge - What Has Failure Taught You?

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Have you heard about survivorship bias? It’s a common misconception that you should focus on successful people if you wish to become successful. I’m sure you’ve noticed how popular books are about our heroes who’ve attained mythical levels of achievement.

People love to read stories of famous, wealthy, and successful individuals. We scan the pages hoping to find tips, secrets, and habits that can catapult us to their levels of accomplishment.

Stories of failure rarely rise to the top because we often never hear about them. We certainly don’t seek them out when we’re hoping to learn valuable lessons to apply to our lives.

This bias affects how we view our own achievements too. All too often, we focus on what went well, the projects we’re most proud of, and our biggest wins.

However, failure is often a much better teacher than success. There are so many factors that can contribute to a win that it’s almost impossible to pin down exactly why it happened.

Failures are more salient. Frequen…

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