Don't Follow Your Passion

It's not how you create a lasting career - Issue #49

How often have you heard that you should follow your passion? Over the past 20+ years of my career, I’ve listened to so many people say that they would be happier if they could follow their hearts and chase their dreams. Unfortunately, it’s the go-to advice from people who are minimally trained in life coaching, and even for well-intentioned friends and family.

Miserable at work?
You should be following your passion instead.

Confused about what to do with your college degree?
Just follow your passion.

Just went through a layoff?
Great! Now you can follow your passion.

“Following your passion” has also become popular advice in books on self-improvement, entrepreneurship, and life transformation over the past few decades. 

I understand why.

It is a beautiful fantasy to see yourself making good money by merely pursuing something that is already a personal passion. Who wouldn’t want to get paid to do something that they love?

It is so seductive, and it sounds so easy. Right?

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