Find a Realistic Career Hero

🚀 Don't worship the outliers - Issue #139

Does anyone else grow weary of the constant stream of articles that focus on the usual heroes in entertainment, business, and tech? Yes, Elon Musk is brilliant, and I love what he is doing. But, the worship of these “success idols” gets a bit out of hand.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

Be honest. Did you feel a momentary twitch of wanting to read those? Do you think you’ll become the next real-life Tony Stark if you eat the food Elon ate for 30 days?

I’ll save you some time and heartache. You won’t become the next inventor who revolutionizes clean energy if you somehow manage to eat for $1/day. That’s not the secret to his success, and neither is the actual underlying theme of suffering for greatness.

I do think that there are lessons to be learned from others, including the wildly successful folks. But, there ar…

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