How to Navigate a Career Change

🚀 What if you're no longer on the right path? - Issue #149

Maybe it has something to do with moving up into the Sierra Nevada mountains after spending over 20 years of my Tech career in Silicon Valley. But, I keep thinking about the similarities between successfully navigating a lifetime career and climbing a mountain.

I know that sounds a little strange. But, bear with me.

As you are just getting started, from a distance, the mountain looks deceptively smooth, and the ascent seems like it must be accessible. But, you’re never prepared well enough, and each step of the way has some surprise.

As you get closer, you select a point that you consider to be your summit. You choose a reasonable path, and you begin climbing.

However, once you are in the thick of things, you can no longer see the summit or even the entirety of your chosen path. All you can see is what is right around you.

What seemed accessible from a distance is now rocky, challenging, and occasionally treacherous. You may discover that your path is blocked.

You find that you have to…

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