Challenge - Identify 10 People on Social Media

🚀 Make your network more valuable - Issue #154

I’ve noticed that we tend to engage in very shallow activity on social media. We scroll through our feeds, like a few things, and maybe stop to drop a quick comment (e.g., “Congrats!”).

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, and even Instagram can be great places to follow people you admire in your profession. You can also connect with people whom you believe would be great additions to your network.

Perhaps you already follow some of these people. Maybe you even like and comment on their posts. But do they follow you back? Do they comment on your posts?

The problem is that we are overwhelmed with the massive amount of shallow engagement that we experience. I get spammed daily on Instagram. Bots constantly hammer my accounts.

So, I tune them out. I ignore 99% of connection requests. My eyes glaze over with likes and superficial comments.

You have to change how you play the game. Hence, the career challenge I’m recommending for you below.

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