Office Hours - How to Grow Your Video Audience - Issue #330

The more viewers, the better

This is the final week on the topic of video. I hope you took some time to explore creating and sharing videos over the past week. What theme did you choose, and what platform are you using?

If you’ve decided that video might be a suitable format for you, the next thing you’ll want to focus on is building your audience. As always, I do recommend that you share your content to multiple services and channels for the greatest reach.

You already have an audience of followers on some platforms (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). But, unless you’ve already been consistently producing and publishing video, you will probably need to grow your audience on your video platform of choice specifically (e.g., YouTube, TikTok).

How to Grow Your Video Audience

Define your target audience

It’s challenging to grow a general audience with no plan in mind. If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll probably end up appealing to no one.

Be very specific about your target audience. Define your niche and focus on who they are, what their lives are like, and what they want to see.

Create your content plan

Once you’ve defined your niche audience think about how you will uniquely serve them with your video content. This should be informed by the theme you identified a couple of weeks ago.

It certainly helps to talk with a few people in your intended audience. Talk with them about your theme and ask what they’d find useful and interesting enough to subscribe to your channel. Once you have some ideas, you can create your content plan and map out when you want to create and publish the videos.

Create valuable videos

It all starts with creating good videos. If your content is helpful, interesting, memorable, and valuable, people will want to see it. They’ll share it with friends too.

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