Quick Tip - Always Discuss the Job Offer

Even if you already turned them down - Issue #57

I answered a good question today on Quora:

“Declined a non-competitive offer but the company is asking to talk? What do you think they want?”

This request is a good sign that the company really wants you. They’re probably disappointed that you declined their offer without attempting to counter it. It is expected to have some back and forth conversations about the terms.

However, sometimes the offer is so low that you know it isn’t going to work out. Or, you have a better offer from another company, and you’ve already accepted it.

Regardless, it is always a good idea to talk to a company even if you declined their offer. You never want to burn a bridge, especially since they wanted to hire you. Also, it demonstrates professionalism that they will discuss and remember.

Our industries tend to be small, especially geographically. Hiring managers and recruiters talk to each other. People on the interview team will remember you and talk about you with others. It is fantastic if what they are …

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