Quick Tip - Antifragile Sources of Income

🚀 How resilient are you? - Issue #147

I’ve talked about vulnerability in your career before. We often make risky career decisions such as having one source of income, living on the financial edge in an expensive city, and working in a volatile industry.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted us in some unanticipated ways (e.g., toilet paper shortages, really?). But, it has also been a wakeup call for many companies, small businesses, and professionals.

For the first time, many people realize how fragile their jobs and businesses are. When folks are afraid to go out in public, shop, and travel, it has a significant impact on:

  • Airlines, tourism industry, and the cruise industry

  • Hotels, restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops

  • Uber and Lyft drivers, and public transportation

  • Massage therapists, barbers, and stylists

  • Shopping malls and local retailers

  • Schools, colleges, and universities

  • Live entertainment, sporting events, and concerts

I know several people who are already impacted by COVID-19. They can’t go to work. Their business has slowe…

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