Quick Tip - Believe in Yourself

Don't rely on external validation - Issue #80

I read an interesting story yesterday about a freelance writer named Chuck Ross. After a disappointing attempt to get his first mystery novel published, he wanted to prove his theory that unknown authors always get their books rejected.

So, in 1975, he sent out excerpts from the novel Steps by Jerzy Kosinski to four different publishers. It had won the National Book Award for Fiction in 1969. All of the publishers rejected the sample.

Then, in 1977, Ross sent the entire book to ten publishers, including Random House (they had originally published it), and thirteen agents. The book was rejected by everyone.

Not a single person recognized the award-winning novel. No one gave it a chance.

Skills, talent, knowledge, and experience do matter. But, luck, timing, and connections matter a lot too. In some situations, who you know matters a lot more than what you know.

Sometimes, luck and timing are all that separate the winners from the losers. You can see this happen time and again with Tech …

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