Quick Tip - Connecting on Social Media

Relationships take time - Issue #70

Social media is a double-edged sword. It can waste your time and introduce you to the darker side of society. However, it is also a useful way to connect with likeminded souls and people you admire.

For example, all of us have authors we’d love to meet someday. We’ve read their books for years and enjoy what they write. However, what are the odds that you’ll get to meet your favorite authors, much less have a conversation with them?

Love it or hate it, that’s where Twitter can come in handy. Some of the authors I follow are on Linkedin, as well. Of course, you can follow someone right away. But, they aren’t going to follow you back or answer a message that you might be tempted to send immediately.

Like any relationship, connecting with someone takes time. Social media has a strange effect on behavior. The easy access and instant nature of messaging make people skip all of the steps that would usually occur in the real world.

You would never go up to a famous stranger in public, introdu…

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