Quick Tip - Do You Believe in Charisma?

It can be learned and practiced - Issue #72

People with charisma seem to have an effortless ability to attract, charm, and influence others. Some believe that it is a natural talent (i.e., you’re born with a certain amount of charisma). Others suggest that charisma is a bundle of behaviors and skills that can be learned.

I believe that some people do naturally have more of what you could call “charisma” than others. However, I also believe that you can learn to be more charming and influential.

Also, while some would argue that charisma isn’t necessary within a professional context (e.g., being a great leader), I strongly disagree. When you are trying to persuade, get things done, inspire people, and influence others, charisma makes it all easier.

What are the factors that contribute to a perception of charisma? They include:

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