Quick Tip - Don't Wait for Perfection

Done is better than perfect - Issue #83

A few years ago, I enrolled in a marketing course. The provider did a great job of drumming up interest and driving sign ups before shutting the doors. 

I became part of his community and watched the course start up a few more times during the year. From what I calculated, he generated over $1M in revenue from this program. 

Here's what I found surprising — his emails and other content were far from perfect. I frequently encountered typos and grammatical errors. 

Sometimes, things wouldn't work or content would be missing. He'd apologize and fix it, but the course kept going. 

I have always had a problem with perfectionism. It is the root of my struggle with procrastination. I want things to be perfect, so it causes delays. 

Not good. 

I see that some of the most successful people are also imperfect and have flawed creations. They know that timing is important. They also know that momentum is critical. 

Successful people launch and learn. They tune and make corrections. But, they don't wait …

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