Quick Tip - Follow Up the Right Way

Don't be passive-aggressive - Issue #65

Well, since I haven’t heard back from you about the job, I decided that it was time to follow up.

Don’t be that person.

It is essential to follow up after a job interview if you haven’t heard anything for about a week. However, you do not want to sound passive-aggressive or irritated.

Always keep the tone positive. You have no idea why there has been a delay in getting back to you.

Perhaps they are scrambling to put together a good offer for you and need to get the approvals first. Maybe the hiring manager had a family emergency, so things are delayed.

I’ll share a personal story. I was working as a consultant with a product leader many years ago. A few months into the project, he stopped responding to my emails. I called and left him some voicemails, but he never called me back.

I was frustrated and assumed that he was ghosting me. I contacted someone else at the company to try to wrap things up and find out what was going on. I discovered that the guy I was working with had suddenl…

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