Quick Tip - Gather Your Accomplishments

Your review will be here before you know it - Issue #38

Well, here we are in Q4, and the Fall weather hints that winter is coming. It is also a reminder that something else will be happening soon.

Your annual performance review.

Now, not every single company has its annual performance reviews at the end of the year or the beginning of the next one. However, I know that many do.

I also know that most people put off writing their personal performance review until the last minute. Then, they are scrambling to gather information, asking people for input, and trying to remember everything that they did during the year.

Don’t be that person.

Start capturing information and notes for your review now. Doing this gives you plenty of time to do a great job with it by spending a few minutes on the task each day.

Go back through your calendar for the year. Review the meetings that you attended. Doing this will probably spark your memory for a few activities and accomplishments that you may have forgotten.

Similarly, review your email inbox. Quickly scrol…

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