Quick Tip - Get Ready for Peer Reviews

Annual review season is almost here - Issue #82

Annual performance reviews are dead, long live performance reviews!

I think that the reports of the death of performance reviews have been greatly exaggerated. I keep reading articles proclaiming that they are fading away, but only 10% of Fortune 500 companies have done away with annual ratings.

In fact, almost 70% of companies still conduct an annual or bi-annual performance review. 94% of employees wish that their boss would provide useful feedback in real-time, but we all know that it is hit or miss and depends on having a great manager.

Like it or not, most of you will probably be preparing for and receiving your review during the coming months. I wish that people would build the case for a positive review throughout the year, but many put it off until the last minute.

You will typically be asked to provide a list of peers who can provide input on your performance. My advice is to create your own pending list and talk with those people ahead of time.

Let them know that you value thei…

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