Quick Tip - Get the Inside Scoop

Company news paints a pretty picture - Issue #62

When you are preparing to interview with a company, you need to research it thoroughly. The easiest place to start is the corporate website. You can learn a great deal on their About, Team, Press, Careers, News pages, etc.

However, any information that you find on the corporate website should be taken with a grain of salt. It is the view of the company through rose-colored glasses. They are only sharing highlights and positive news.

So, check out what other people say about the company, its team, and its product and services. Look at the comments on social media.

  • What do people say when they @ the company on Twitter (e.g., people tweeting at Airbnb)?

  • What comments do people leave on their Facebook page (e.g., Uber’s page)?

  • What are industry analysts saying about the company (e.g., WeWork)?

  • What do past employees say on Glassdoor (e.g., reviews of Amazon)? Note: it seems like mostly upset past employees bother leaving reviews.

You should also check out sites like Crunchbase, AngelList, a…

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