Quick Tip - Let Them Speak

Ask more, talk less - Issue #45

One useful interview tip that I discovered during my personal job interviews was to get the interviewer talking and let them roll. I used to feel like I had my story to tell and I wanted to make sure to demonstrate my brilliance with verbose answers.

So, I would focus on opportunities to speak up when I should have been looking for opportunities to ask more questions.

I don’t remember a specific “Aha moment” when I realized this. However, I do remember one interview when the senior exec interviewing me dominated our meeting and talked endlessly about himself, the product, their strategy, and future plans.

I was worried that I hadn’t performed well during the interview because I barely got a word in edgewise. He really didn’t learn much about me. However, I was in for a surprise. He was delighted with the interview and thought I was a great fit for the team.

Most people like to talk about themselves. Most employees are proud of their products and company. They are happy when you show i…

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