Quick Tip - Make the Time

Work will always be there - Issue #47

I'm as guilty of being a workaholic as anyone else. I spent decades making work my top priority to the detriment of my relationships with friends and family.

However, your job will always be there. Family will not. Friends will not. This moment in time will not.

There will always be other companies and other jobs. I’m not telling you to neglect your career, obviously. Do great work. Focus on being successful in your career. But, don’t let work consume you and eat into your personal time.

Of course, there will be times that you need to work late or even work over the weekend. It happens. However, you shouldn’t let that become such a habit that you are working late every evening and dedicating all of your weekends to your job.

The price is too high, both to your own wellbeing and the health of your relationships.

When you neglect relationships, you can't expect to pick right up where you left off last time. In some cases, there is no “picking up.” You lost that moment in time and can nev…

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