Quick Tip - Put It Away

Give an inch and they will take a mile - Issue #97

Have you encountered this problem at work? You go above and beyond in a specific instance (e.g., working a 12-hour day or coming in on the weekend), but then your employer thinks that this is your new baseline?

I’m old enough to have worked before everyone had a cellphone and then after everyone had a smartphone in their pocket. In the golden olden days, you left work, came home, and you typically didn’t do more work.

You spent time with your friends and family.

Laptops weren’t standard then, either. But, there were times that you’d do some work on your home computer. However, work was usually constrained to your time in the office.

Once smartphones entered the scene, it became all too easy to be on call 24/7. People can message you, call you, and send you an email whenever they want.

My professional life at my last few corporate jobs started bleeding into my personal life. No matter what I was doing at night or on the weekends with my family, my manager expected me to be reading and r…

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