Quick Tip - Record Your Voice

🚀 It's a great way to rehearse for interviews and talks - Issue #142

A few months ago, a company in Silicon Valley invited me to give a talk. I moved away from the Bay Area about four years ago, and I now live about a three-hour drive away.

I decided to use the trip to rehearse my talk. But, I obviously didn’t want to have the distraction of printed speaker notes. It’s not a good idea to read and drive, even if you own a Tesla (which I do not).

So, I recorded audio of myself rehearsing while I had the notes handy as a reference. I practiced the way I would present standing on stage, emphasizing some statements, adding a dramatic pause, etc.

While I was driving, I played the audio on my iPhone through my car stereo. It worked like a charm! I played a segment, paused the recording, and practiced my delivery over and over again. Then, I would move on to the next section.

As you know, people have different types of preferred learning styles (e.g., visual, auditory, kinesthetic). There is significant controversy in the research on this topic and competing t…

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