Quick Tip - Reignite Your Network

🚀 Old connections are more powerful - Issue #133

We all have weak ties and strong ties in our networks. We also have fresh connections and stale connections.

When people need help or a favor, most tend to reach out to the recent connections in their network. It makes sense because you have probably had more active communication and interaction with these people.

However, you might be surprised to learn that the “dormant ties” in your network can be more valuable. These are old friends and colleagues with whom you had a strong connection in the past (e.g., you worked closely together), but you haven’t been in touch for years.

"Research demonstrates that when you need advice on a project, you get better information when you reach out to someone you used to know than someone you currently know… They've been meeting different people and learning different things in the last few years, so they can open up whole worlds you didn't know existed." —Adam Grant

So, the first benefit of talking with your dormant ties is that their lives have cha…

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