Quick Tip - Remove Fear from the Equation

🚀 If you did, what would you do? - Issue #127

Yesterday, I was thinking about how much we let fear hold us back.

When I talk with some of my clients and members of my career community, I find out that they aren’t pursuing a particular career path because they are afraid of failing. They know that they have a safety net with their current job, so they stick with it.

So, I asked this question on Instagram:
What would you do if you knew you would not fail?

I received a variety of interesting answers:

  • Join the roller derby

  • Take up flying

  • Write and illustrate children's books

  • Make art

  • Build a community of female bodybuilders

  • Pro surfing or golf

  • Start a media company and make short films

  • Run for president

I know that it may seem silly to ask this question. Of course, every choice in life comes with risks. A decision could lead to failure.

So, there is certainly the risk of failure. The risk of looking silly. Fear of financial ruin. Worries about how others might think of you.

However, ignoring those fears and constraints does unleash your creativity…

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