Quick Tip - Send Thanks

Who helped you this year? - Issue #92

If you’ve taken time to work through the end-of-year career checklist that I shared earlier this month, then you have a list of things that went well for you this year. What were your accomplishments and successes? How did you grow?

Now, think about who played a part in your achievements and growth.

This could include your manager, coworkers, people on other teams, or even external vendors and consultants. Take a moment to write down some thoughts about how they helped you and how much you appreciate that.

Then, let them know. You could tell people in person, send emails, or even share a physical thank-you note. You may want to give some people a small token of appreciation (e.g., a gift card).

Expressing your gratitude has many benefits. It will not only make the recipient feel appreciated, but it will also make you feel good.

Success in your career (and life) depends on strong relationships. One way to strengthen your connection with people is to let them know that they matter to you, …

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