Quick Tip - Stand Up

Stop taking calls sitting down - Issue #42

Most salespeople have learned this technique, sometimes the hard way when their sales are faltering. Standing up while you are speaking on the phone increases your confidence, energy levels, and vocal range.

The person on the other side of the call can tell.

Unfortunately, many job seekers have not been trained for phone interviews. They take calls sitting down, using a low-quality headset (or no headset), and in a loud environment with too much background noise.

As a hiring manager or recruiter, those calls are a frustrating experience. Let me ask you a question: As a job seeker, do you want your first contact to frustrate the hiring manager and create a poor initial impression? Probably not.

So, here are some tips for sounding better during your next phone interview:

  • Find a quiet place to take the call. In a pinch, your parked car works surprisingly well. Many modern vehicles are soundproofed to eliminate road noise.

  • Use a high-quality wired or Bluetooth headset that filters out backgr…

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