Quick Tip - They'll Be Ok

It's hard to leave a good team behind - Issue #103

You might be delaying your departure from a company because you love your team. When you work with great co-workers, you feel guilty about leaving them behind.

However, sometimes you have to leave for your career to keep progressing. I’ve been in that situation.

Things happen at work that make it clear that it’s no longer going to serve your career goals:

  • It could be a new boss, and you already know that it’s not going to work out with this person.

  • Perhaps a re-org has ruined your chances for a promotion.

  • Maybe the company is struggling, and you see that the long-term trend is down, down, down.

You know you need to leave and find a better opportunity.

However, you feel bad about abandoning your colleagues. You’re worried about people being able to pick up the slack when you’re gone. So, you stick around longer than you should.

Yes, you should be a good colleague, manager, or leader. You should take care of your team. You shouldn’t just bounce out of the company on a whim.

But you also ne…

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