Quick Tip - Work on Your Eye Contact

It's an easy way to project more confidence - Issue #63

I’m not sure when I first started noticing a decline in eye contact, but it seems like fewer people look you in the eyes during a conversation now. Smartphones only serve to exacerbate the problem.

This issue became more apparent when I was interviewing job candidates and meeting with people in a work environment. I’m sure that higher level of stress didn’t help the situation.

Very few people seemed to be capable of engaging in a conversation with a natural amount of eye contact. Their eyes would flit around the room. They would look down, look at the wall, or glance briefly at me and look away.

On some rare occasions, a person would close their eyes entirely for most of the conversation.

Eye contact should be made about 60-70% of the time during a discussion to create a sense of emotional connection, yet most people are only doing it 30-60% of the time.

The appropriate duration of eye contact varies from situation to situation, and culture to culture. More extended eye contact (e.g.,…

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