Challenge - Share Your Professional Wisdom Online

🚀 Establish yourself and build a following - Issue #164

I worked with Jeff Weiner while I was at Yahoo. He was a driving force behind our launch of Yahoo! Answers.

One thing he mentioned during that time stuck in my head. He said that everyone has useful knowledge that would be helpful for other people. Everyone.

However, people don’t usually share their knowledge with the entire world. They may answer questions directly with a few individuals. They may engage in conversations with even more people. But, their knowledge does not make it out into the world so that everyone can benefit from it.

If you’ve been working for a few years in your profession, you have already accumulated useful wisdom that could help people who are just getting started in their careers. You also have knowledge and expertise that could help clients and customers benefit from what you do for a living.

I recently wrote about potentially pivoting your profession. I also talked about making your career or small business antifragile.

This advice was all about helping you…

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