Smart Answers to the Most Common Job Interview Questions

Be honest and careful with your responses - Issue #25

Practice to become more confident

It isn’t possible to predict every potential question you will receive during a job interview. But, we all know that some are relatively common and asked almost every time.

Do your homework about the company, the role, the people working there, etc. I can’t emphasize this enough. Customize your answers to fit the job. As you interview with different companies, you should focus on various aspects of your strengths, skills, and experience as appropriate.

Also, the content in the answers that you prepare can be repurposed for other questions too. Maybe they won’t specifically ask you to “tell them about yourself,” but then they ask why you are interested in the job.

What they are trying to understand is:

  • Why you are seeking a new job

  • Why you want to work for them

  • Why you are the best candidate

  • Why they should hire you

You don’t want to memorize answers to these questions. However, it does help to write up a few notes and bullet points as a framework for how you w…

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