You Will Fail in Your Career If You Don't Experience Adversity

Don’t ask for an easy life - Issue #46

It is human nature to seek comfort. We experience a range of mental, emotional, and physiological signals that drive us to avoid pain and discomfort and find that which will fulfill our needs. Once we secure that source of comfort, we are reluctant to engage in difficult or uncertain activities that risk it. As Neel Burton noted in his book, Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions,

In general, people find it painful to expend effort on long-term goals that do not provide any immediate gratification. For them to embark on a project, they need to believe that the return on their labour is likely to exceed their loss of comfort.

Sadly, this very desire to avoid unknown risks and cling to the comfortable will stunt your growth and chances for long-term success in life. Those who seek a familiar and comfortable career path, never veering from the straight and narrow, are not the ones who will be noticed and rise to the top

The people who accomplish the most and achieve the greates…

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