Burn Your To-Do Lists in 2022 (Issue #343)

Listen now | A better way to achieve your goals this year. Happy New Year! Welcome to a brand new year and another chance to take a swing at your biggest goals. Something about starting fresh and leaving the past year behind makes us feel hopeful. That’s why so many people love to make resolutions in January. Unfortunately, most people will fail to stick with them. Hey, no judgment. I failed last year too. I made progress on my books, wrote multiple short stories, but didn’t formally publish anything other than my newsletter, Medium articles, LinkedIn articles, blog posts, etc. I could blame the pandemic and chaos, but I accept full responsibility. I made the mistake of trying to squeeze additional time into my already packed schedule. To-do lists might work for you, but they don’t work for me. They don’t work for a lot of people. Adding items to a list doesn’t set you up for success. So, I’m taking a new approach this year.

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