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After 20+ years in Silicon Valley tech, I "retired" from that industry and my career there. Now, I run my own businesses and mostly do coaching (career, leadership, business).

Tech was great, and I don't regret my career there. I worked with lots of wonderful people, learned how to be a leader, traveled the world, and had some amazing experiences.

But after a while, the problems start looking the same. The process, organizational, and political issues keep repeating from company to company. It's nice to step outside that bubble and move on to really helping people and living a more balanced life.

After exiting the tech rat race, I was able to move somewhere beautiful, exercise daily, lose 40 lbs 😳, get my health back, spend more time with my family, take some real vacations, and take time off to live life whenever I want (I went skiing all day yesterday).

I'm kind of loving this remote solopreneur lifestyle!

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