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Vance - native Chicagoan, Minnesotan at heart, married to a Texan, born-again Georgian, living south of ATL. Aerospace Engineer, design, manufacturing, and repair of turbine engine components, mostly for commercial airlines. For one glorious semester of grad school, I interned for NASA and could claim to be a "rocket scientist".

I found Larry through the "SmartBrief on Leadership" daily newsletter. The article "What's your purpose? It's not just your job" came at a time when I'm reflecting on whether enjoying the work I do is really "IT". I have a wonderful wife and daughter, terrific neighbors, supportive faith community...all good, all meaningful, but I'm asking myself - will it leave a mark in this world I would intentionally choose? I read Simon Sinek's "Leaders Eat Last" a few years ago and just started "What's Your Why" in an effort to chip away at the stoic engineer that keeps me from looking too deep inside. I also praise Tasha Eurich's book "INSIGHT" for bringing self-awareness into my consciousness. Since finding Larry's site, I've found other thought provoking articles that provide prompts for helpful reflections. Look forward to learning more about who I really am.

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Andrew Shearer formerly of Silicon Valley now back home in Central Texas. I'm founder and principal of BravePath, where we discover and develop product, design and engineering talent. Previously I was a product and design leader at eBay, PayPal and Expedia.

I'm here because Larry puts out great content that makes me think.

I'm looking to meet great people in product, design and engineering.

Let me know if you know of any potential clients we could help!

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I'm Rick from Chicago.

I've had a great career in Retail, working all over the world, and after taking a few years off to care for a parent suffering from Alzheimer's, I'm deciding on my third chapter between project consulting work, non profit work, or going back into retail. Always happy to build a dialogue, listen, and learn. www.rickplanos.com

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I'm Jeff from Austin, Texas.

Well, Larry, you asked for it :-)

I am in my final act, having just turned 75 two weeks ago. By way of training and education, I am a specialist in internal medicine with a PhD in pharmacology, but I never practiced medicine. I was a tenured med school professor before joining the pharmaceutical industry, and have been a "druggie" ever since. I have experience in big pharma, specialty pharma, contract research, and have also set up my own consulting organization more than 23 years ago. Nobody should ever have this much fun! In my spare time (and excluding COVID-19), I am a substitute teacher (STEMM whenever possible) at the middle school and high school, a tech coach one day per week at the local library, and mentor at least one middle school student. I love to travel - especially to Heidelberg, Germany where I have family - and NYC to overdose on Broadway and the great museums.

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Hi! I'm Larry and I live in Northern California, not too far from South Lake Tahoe. I'm a personal coach and write this newsletter. My goal is to keep growing this community so we can surround ourselves with kind, supportive, and helpful friends on this journey to create a career and life we love. 😊

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