Morning Thoughts - Backup Plans

Always have a backup plan.

Actually, I think you should have multiple backup plans.

A few years ago, I wrote about my strategy of having Plans A-D.

  • Plan A is your current career plan. This is where you think that your current job is taking you.

  • Plan B should be your strategy for a career course correction if Plan A goes wrong at some point.

  • Plan C - What would you do if your chosen profession was suddenly made irrelevant? Do you have a backup plan if something happened that made it impossible to continue with your current career path?

  • Plan D is your emergency plan when everything goes wrong. It is what you fall back on when something extremely disruptive occurs.

For example, the industry collapses, you lose your job, no one is hiring, and you’re on the brink of bankruptcy.

What are your backup plans? Let's discuss in the comments.