Morning Thoughts - Dream Teams

If you were going to start a new business, who would you want to join you?

Who are the people on your dream team?

It's a fun and useful exercise to create a list of the best and most talented people you know.

Think about everyone you've ever worked with (or know enough about to assess their talent):

- Designers

- Researchers

- Scientists

- Front-end engineers

- Back-end engineers

- App developers

- Product managers

- Sales

- Marketing

- PR

- HR

- Recruiters

- Content strategists and writers

When I was in the corporate tech world, I kept a spreadsheet with my dream team members.

Now that I've left that world, it's no longer useful for me. But it does help people who ask me for the names of the best talent I know.

So, it depends on what you do, your industry, and what your future dreams are.

If you dream of starting your own business someday, start building your dream team list.