Morning Thoughts - Pick your poison

We're planning on leaving California. We've already been researching our next move. 

It's been a good 20+ years, but the constant fires and other issues are accelerating our schedule. 

As we look around, it's clear that there is no "perfect place" to live. It's all a matter of pick your poison. 

What can you live with:

- Tornadoes?

- Hurricanes?

- Earthquakes?

- Fires?

- Drought?

- Floods?

- Civil unrest? 

- Far Right vs. Far Left? 

- Extreme taxation?

- Anti-science communities? 

- Primitive infrastructure?

- Urban congestion?

No location will ever have all of the good things you want and none of the bad things you want to avoid. 

Pick the poison you can live with.