There are two things that I see as huge risks that today's society strongly incentivizes. One is "the when/then trap," which is the idea that once you have achieved some accomplishment, you'll "finally" be happy/content/etc. That's a trap because true, durable happiness is intrinsic, yet society programs us from an early age to believe that happiness is extrinsic by showing us advertisements and other success narratives.

The second is simply taking on too much debt. If you are going to do the "grind" or "hustle" thing and your goal is to work your way out of having a job, don't backpedal by paying tons of interest to banks. Literally everyone offers some kind of financing now, for everything. It's become the norm to take out loans for cars, or to furnish a home, and to carry a balance on multiple credit cards. Avoid these whenever possible.

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