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I’m Dr. Larry Cornett, a leadership & career coach and business advisor at Invincible Career® in Northern California.

Larry Cornett
  • Have you ever wished you had a supportive mentor at work who could guide you through challenging situations?

  • Have you ever felt frustrated by slow progress or even felt completely stalled in your career advancement?

  • Are you feeling unhappy, stressed, or burned out at work?

  • Have you ever quit a job to get away from a bad boss or a toxic work environment?

  • Don’t you deserve to be appreciated and compensated appropriately for your talent, knowledge, skills, and experience?

  • Do you dream about making a living doing more of what you love and less of the work you hate?

My goal with this newsletter is to help you claim your power, regain your freedom, and become invincible in your work and life!

When you have an invincible career, you get to be in control of how you make a living and spend your days.

Every week, the ambitious readers of this newsletter learn how to create a lifestyle they will love. Find out how to succeed in your current job, make more money, find an even better job, explore different career paths, or start your own business.

You will have access to my decades of industry experience as a tech professional, hiring manager, corporate executive, and business owner. I’ve written more than 360 articles that help you learn how to:

  • Avoid a potential layoff.

  • Keep yourself from getting fired.

  • Get more out of your job and employer.

  • Navigate challenging work issues.

  • Deal with toxic coworkers and bosses.

  • Ask for the raise you deserve and make more money.

  • Land the promotion you want.

  • Find a great new job faster than ever before.

  • Pivot and pursue a new career of your dreams.

  • Explore low-risk ways to launch your own business.

  • Achieve the kind of freedom in your life that you desire.

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What readers have said

“I firmly believe this is some of the best advice any of us will ever hear.”
— Kit Fitzpatrick

"I look forward to hearing your podcast episodes each Wednesday and they are truly the highlight of my week."
— Benjamin Carvalho

“Larry brings deep expertise in career development and management, as well as the corporate business arena. He is perceptive, insightful, and focused on making a difference in his client’s careers. Larry is one of the most sincere and genuine career coaches anyone could be so fortunate to have.”
— Cristina Rutgers-Astolfi

“I have personally seen many of his team members follow him when he moved from one company to another. Larry brings the same sagacity and wisdom in his advice to other leaders. Larry brings his corporate leadership experience to his coaching. His governing principle in coaching is to lead with compassion and purpose.”
— Seema Swamy

“I love this article so much. Exactly the kind of honest conversation that needs to happen.”
— Rishi Bhilawadikar

“After a year of receiving poor advice from recruiters and design professionals, it wasn't until I joined Larry's group where my career started to head in the right direction. The advice I received from Larry and other professionals in his community was instrumental in improving my resume, portfolio, increased my results in interviews, and even got me into writing. I have been very fortunate to have Larry as a mentor, and I can't recommend joining his Invincible Career community enough.”
— Christopher Schutt

“I reached out to Larry for leadership and executive coaching and he has been such a great partner to work with. He has also been immensely helpful when I needed guidance on how to think about my career path, vetting potential leadership roles, as well as their considerations, pros and cons. Most importantly, he helped me re-focus on what I truly wanted in both career and life by providing helpful exercises that made me think and prioritize what I wanted.”
— Shannyn Timrott

“I credit Larry with supporting me on multiple levels: from big strategic questions to day-to-day tactics, to emotional support (more important than it sounds). My time with Larry was an investment that set the stage for securing offers from Facebook and others - even as the COVID pandemic tore through the economy! As with the best coaches, he pulls out the best in others and that's certainly been true in my case. If you're looking for a coach/mentor/guide I can't recommend him more highly.”
— Ari Akerstein

Love your two latest newsletters. Thanks for writing such amazing work and compiling this list together!
— Anna Codina

“More recently I worked with Larry as a career coach and mentor to find my next career opportunity. Larry is extremely knowledgeable about the various aspects of job hunting and guided me through the complex steps of deciding what I want, finding/choosing the right opportunities, interviewing and offers! I highly recommend Larry's coaching to anyone who is looking to transform their career.”
— Paresh Vakhariya

Larry has been the person that I’ve routinely turned to throughout the past decade, for frank, forthright, and illuminating conversations about where to take my career. He’s been an insightful resource that’s been through it all before me, with no other agenda than to help me get to the best place I can for myself.”
— Andrew Sandler

Larry is what I used to call in my recruiting days’ top drawer’ - a true professional; credible, ethical and with a track record of expertise to boot. Larry ticks all the boxes! If you are looking to change or develop your career then Larry should be your first point of call.”
— Jade Gemma

“Larry’s advice, guidance, and support has been instrumental to my transition from my Corporate career to my Digital transition. I am extremely grateful for Larry’s support and knowledge. Not only does Larry have extensive industry knowledge and experience, he was able to translate this for me and my audience.”
— Katrina Young

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Who is Larry Cornett?

I’m Dr. Larry Cornett, a leadership coach and career advisor at Invincible Career® in Northern California. I help you become an opportunity magnet for the best things in life!

I often work with people confidentially to help them create a personalized career plan that removes any vulnerabilities which may be holding them back at work. The goal is to help you transition to a bigger and better career and life with my guidance, support, and accountability.

I spent more than two decades in Silicon Valley Tech launching new businesses, products, and services (check out my LinkedIn profile). Almost 10 years ago, I redefined my corporate career to reclaim my freedom, health, and life. I want to help other ambitious people do the same!

You can also check out my testimonials.

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