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My Book - Reclaiming Your Power, Freedom, and Future (Issue #345)

My Book - Reclaiming Your Power, Freedom, and Future (Issue #345)

Sharing a snippet of the first draft chapter with you

This is an excerpt from the first chapter

“No, I won’t be promoting you.”

JB sat in stunned silence on the video chat. They hoped their face wasn’t revealing their surprise and disappointment

“But, I thought I was on track for one this cycle? My previous manager was happy with my performance and said they were going to put me up for a promotion this year.”

The manager frowned, “Yeah, well. They’re gone now, and I don’t have any paperwork to support that. But, let’s see how things go this year, ok?”

The call ended. JB was shocked, slumped down in the chair, and stared at the laptop screen. All of that extra hard work this year for nothing. How could this happen?

Everything had been fantastic working for the previous manager. JB had enjoyed years of significant raises and steady promotions. Their career was on an amazing trajectory. But, that all changed in the blink of an eye.

The wonderful manager left the company for a great new opportunity. The resulting re-org placed a new leader in the role JB had expected to grow into. The relationship with this new person was already rocky, and they didn’t seem to click. 

Now what?

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