Mar 8, 2021 • 21M

🚀 Challenge - Compare Your Online Options - Issue #256

March theme - Your forever digital home

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There are a bewildering number of choices available for creating and hosting a website. Of course, you can code your own and host it on the server of your choice if you have the skills.

I used to do that from around 1998-2003. My site was basic HTML with some JavaScript. It had a contact form and pages to explain my design services, show a past clients list, and showcase my portfolio.

If you don’t feel like developing your own website and getting deep into the operational aspects of hosting it, there are dozens of popular services available. Actually, there are probably hundreds of different services for creating your personal website, but who has time to try them all?

As I mentioned last week, having your own website is very different than relying on a profile (e.g., on LinkedIn) or microblogging on a service (e.g., Twitter).

  • Your website is all about you and nothing but you. No one else will be competing for viewers’ attention when they are on your …

This episode is for paid subscribers