🚀 Challenge - Create Your Plans for the Year - Issue #242

By now, you should have a list of your goals for this year and mapped sub-goals into all of the months and weeks. In a sense, you could think of this as a “plan,” but it’s still pretty high level at this point.

Your goals (e.g., get a new job) don’t explain all of the details required to accomplish them. That’s why you need one or more plans.

A plan helps you prioritize and focus on the activities and tasks you believe will help you achieve a goal. It also helps you manage your time more effectively.

I’ll often establish a tentative date when I think I can accomplish a goal. Then, I start planning the actions I must take to make it happen.

As I capture those actions and tasks, it reminds me of other things that I’ll have to do too. The act of planning makes it real. It reveals gaps in your strategy.

Inevitably, the final detailed plan educates me about the real scope of the project and helps me create a more realistic timeline. I sometimes say that proje…

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