Feb 22, 2021 • 14M

🚀 Challenge - Define Your Professional Brand - Issue #252

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How are you known in your workplace? How does your manager view you? What do your peers think of you?

We tend to label the people we work with. I would bet that you have a rough model of the types of employees and coworkers you’ve encountered. For example, I used to think of people as:

  1. Innovators - always coming up with crazy new ideas

  2. Disrupters - blowing things up to replace them with something better

  3. Overachievers - always going above and beyond on everything

  4. Optimizers - creating nothing new but continually evolving things

  5. Maintainers - rock solid and gets stuff done, but a job is a job

  6. Slackers - never putting in real effort and barely squeaking by

  7. Spoilers - complaining, gossiping, and bring down the team

However, a brand goes into more detail than a single word. It is more descriptive and includes personality traits and personal interactions. I’m sure you can remember a few people who may have had brands such as:

  • The cheerful helper

  • The brilliant jerk

  • Ol’…

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