Feb 15, 2021 • 8M

🚀 Challenge - Document Your Strengths and Weaknesses - Issue #250

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This month’s theme continues to be all about the “Story of You.” You’ve already worked on the overall outline, intro, elevator pitch, hero stories, etc. But, writing your story also requires claiming ownership of your strengths and weaknesses.

If you were a part of this community last year, you already spent some time capturing your professional performance a few months ago. You spent some time reviewing what your manager and coworkers said about you. You also thought about your wins, accomplishments, and areas for improvement.

Now, take it up a level and go beyond an evaluation of your past performance. This isn’t meant to capture a moment in time or even a specific year.

I want you to think about yourself from your earliest memories up until the events of yesterday. More importantly, think about how you want to be perceived and remembered. Most importantly, aspirationally, how do you want to see yourself?

This challenge is part of writing your sto…

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